Fun Day 30th March

Despite the deluge, over 2,500 people flocked to Garon Park, Eastern Avenue, with a visit from the mayor, and excellent feedback we are thinking about making this an annual event!
Here are some delightful comments we have collected from Facebook of pleased visitors throughout the course of the day:
Kerry van Niekerk – Exhibitor You all should be so proud of yourselves for such a lovely day. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped me carry stock back to my car in such bad weather. I’ve been looking through the leaflet with plans on and I’m so excited to see how it all pans out. My little girl and I will be visiting lots that’s for sure. Would love to see you all again in summer.
Tim Dennis – Kwik Cricket Absolutely need to do it again! Was a wonderful turn out considering the weather. Well done to all involved.
Becky Francis – Visitor We popped along – but a bit late unfortunately. Was really impressed with how upbeat everyone was! And we managed to watch a little of the magician’s act which was great! And my daughter got a new headband from a stall. I would definitely go again.
Steph Hawkes – Visitor We had a really great time!! Thank u for organising it and definitely worth another in the summer!!
Dan Turpin – Visitor
Can’t believe the amount of people turning up! Well done guys!
Becky Dennis – Visitor We had a great time!!! A summer one would be fab. Well done to all the organisers.
Kerry Phillips – Visitor Definitely do a summer one. You can’t help the weather. Was nice that so much was indoors.
Luisa Pluthero – Visitor
I felt for you today I really did! Deffo one in summer please.
Kirsty Hardie – Visitor This was a great day. One of my boys managed to get a golden egg on the Easter hunt so were very pleased with giant chocolate bunny! We’d love to come to another in the summer, would be a great day out with less rain, and people would probably stay longer! I was glad that everyone got a prize though that was great.
Claire Lacey Woods – Visitor
It was fantastic despite the weather and I agree all the staff were so upbeat and friendly
Kayla Christie – Visitor Amazing turn out considering the weather. Was a fabulous day. Well done!
Jacki Simpson – Visitor Blooming weather!! I could see the effort everyone made……..thank you. It was great to see how many people turned out. A summer one would be brilliant.
Samantha Ra – Visitor Would definitely be great for the summer. Can I just mention the guy who was directing the traffic to the car park with the huge sign we walked past. I’ve never seen someone so enthusiastic and excited about their job especially in the pouring rain.
Beccy Mae-Rose – Visitor We had an amazing time!! The weather can’t be helped and we will remember it for a long time. Incredibly well organised, lovely vibe and a real feeling of community. We especially loved the robot! Definitely for a summer one.
Kayla Christie – Exhibitor Well it may have been wet, it may have been muddy, but The Kindness Exchange had an amazing day crafting, reading and sharing kindness with the lovely people of Southend. Thanks to everyone who came to see us in the barn and a huge thanks to all the team for putting on such a great event on such a rainy day. Great big thank you to the very lovely man who gave us a tractor ride back to our car too!
Rebecca Ozyurt – Visitor I went today and had a lovely time. Yes there wasn’t as much to do as I’m sure was originally
planned because of the weather but we made the most of what was there! My niece and nephew
still had fun though. I feel so sorry for the organisers as they can’t control the weather!
Emma Gray – Visitor If it wasn’t for the weather this would have been fantastic, well done to the organisers I say!