Are you interested in enhancing the beauty and biodiversity of your local environment?

Do you feel like joining a friendly volunteer team?

Would you like to learn about horticulture from an expert from Writtle University College?

If so, sign up to our wellbeing@garonpark Eco Force

In Spring 2020, we planted 900 hedge whips and 100 tree saplings.

Our Plan

In November, we plan to plant a further 500 tree saplings and 400 hedge whips. We need your help to plant these trees and hedgerows and to nurture them over the coming months.

What are we asking for?

  • The initial planting phase – commitment of 4 hours a week from mid-November to assist with planting.
  • Then, 1 hour a week from you to help nurture our plants.

What’s in it for you?

  • The chance to attend free monthly training sessions in planting, pruning, grafting, mulching and soil management etc. given by a horticultural expert
  • Provision of tools and clothing
  • A chance to make new friends with like-minded people
  • The satisfaction of enhancing the environment for the benefit of the local community

Please contact Lin Boulter for more details