Our Values


We will provide sustainable facilities that improve
local health and wellbeing outcomes via self-help
We will act as a catalyst for the local community to
enhance pride, resilience and self-sufficiency
We will ensure that we protect and enhance the local
ecology and environment of the Garon Park site
We will provide creative solutions that meet local
community needs and deliver value for money


We will support community self-help to sustain
physical, mental or emotional wellbeing.
We will be sensitive to and act upon the stated needs of the local community.
We will show perseverance, patience, tolerance, warmth and resolve.
We will act in an altruistic way


We will reflect the principles and objectives of the
wellbeing@garonpark charity in what we do
We will act with respect, honesty,
truthfulness and accuracy
We will behave in an ethical way
We will ensure that we are seen as dependable and
reliable in our relationships


We will act for the common good and mutual benefit
of the local community and the groups that represent
We will partner with other groups and organisations
where we can achieve a better outcome
We will show fairness, justice and courtesy to others
We will act in a rational, realistic and flexible way.